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These  stands are made with 2.5" x 2.5" x 3/16" tubing. Powder coated ANY color. These heavy duty stands have the capacity to hold 5000 lbs (with casters).

Model #2.5basic (picture below)

BASIC STAND, Is 48" wide and comes with casters or without. This stand with 5" casters is 28.5 inches high. Without casters it is 22 inches high. 

Model #2.5BTB

Adjustable height and Leveling Bar - Even with an uneven floor, you can level any project. This Top Bar is 60 inches long, and with 5" casters now has a min. high of 32" and a max. height of 37".

Model #2BTB

29" deep at the caster plates

Model #2.5BTB-EXT

Extension Bars (in black) will add 12 inches on each side. Which now makes the Top Bar 84 inches long.

With the extension bars attached, the Top Bar is 84 inches long.

Leveling - adjust the threaded rod on each side to set height and to level.

BASIC STAND (stationary)       $915.00

add 5"casters (swivel / brake)     $320.00

Adjustable height/leveling Bar  $267.00

Extensions (12" on each side)    $50.00


Total                                     $1,552.00


                                    Prices subject to change                     



Model #2.5B-Stainless (picture below)

Basic STAINLESS stand 28.5" high with 5" casters, 4 ft. long
(Model #2.5BTB - Stainless )Adjustable height and leveling bar - Now 37" max. high, top bar is 60" long.
(Model #2.5BTB-EXT-Stainless) Extension bars add 12" to each side, total of 84 inches long.


BASIC STAND (stationary)        $1,830.00

add casters (swivel / brake)      $320.00

Adjustable height/leveling Bar   $534.00

Extensions (12" on each side    $150.00


Total                                      $2,834.00


Prices subject to change

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