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Welding Table Special

Model #3696WTS

Welding Table Special
36"x 96"x 40" high
Vise/Gringer shelf
5" Vise/Or your choice
8" Grinder/Or your choice
41" Tool chest
Top Rack

This 36"x96"x 40"high welding/work bench has what you need. It is made using 2"x 2"x 3/16" tubing frame with 3/8" top, 1/8" shelf plate, and heavy duty casters.

Basic table (Model #3696WTS)            $1775.00  (Powder Coated)


Hanger rods  (#WTS100)                      $35              

Removable Vise shelf (#WTS101)        $40

Removable Grinder shelf (#WTS102)   $40

Power supply strip 12 inch (#WTS103)   $30

5" Vise (#WTS104)                                $150

8" Grinder (#WTS105)                           $180

41" Tool chest  (#WTS106 If available) $500                   

Top Rack(includes 4ft. power supply) $260

If more options are needed, call for pricing.


Total for the "full package option" is  $3010.00

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