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                         Work Platforms

Model #48120WP



Our WORK PLATFORM is 4 feet wide, 10 feet long, and 4 feet high. We can make them any size or color . The rails are all removable to make for an easier reach.  Powder coating is available in all colors. 

10ft. work platform
Dan's Work Platform 10ft.(Model #48120WP)
6ft work platform (Model #4872WP) $1,850.00
4 ft work platform (Model # 4848WP) $1,650.00
4' x 8' Platform (Model #4896WP) Deluxe plus pockets $2990.000

Below - is are "DELUXE" platform design. This platform has fork pockets on the side and on the end. Also the rails are removable all the way around. Hurry, order yours today with standard 3" x 6" fork pockets. Or the DELUXE PLUS with 3" x 8" fork pockets. Other sizes available upon request.

4' x 10' Platform (Model #48120YWP)
Our all NEW design. 4 x 8 Platform $2990.00
Call for pricing on other sizes.
Strongest and most sturdy platform with all sides removeable.
All new design 4' x 10' only $3350.00
4" x 10"
4" x 10"

Prices subject to change .

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